Jia Hsing's R&D group is always monitoring the fashion trends. We are confident in our innovation, diversification, and the ability to develop new and customized molds. With a constant drive toward perfection in design and utility, Jia Hsing is deeply committed to research and development. Every product produced by Jia Hsing is the result of corporate philosophy and professional staff. Our passion keeps us on the cutting edge of creativity and fashion trends.
Drawing/Design Team
JH has in-house Drawing/ Design team. Professional facility and skill can help customer to develop perfect product design by 2D or 3D drawing. Also can make sure customer to get satisfied product with shortest lead-time.
Mould Testing Team
Independent mould test team has appropriative injection machines to test new moulds, set up manufacture condition, and conduct related testing to make sure new mould can meet JH standard.
Mock-up Team
In-house mock-up team can delivery appearance mock-up or functional mock-up to support customer conducting consumer testing or appearance approval. To avoid any uncertain issue before mould development.
Component R&D Dept.   3D Rapid Prototyping
Cosmetic R&D Dept.
Component R&D Dept.Drawing Section.
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