To maintain our competitiveness, a new formulation R&D department was established in 2003. Now we have the ability to provide a new service in mould development, product design, new technology implementation and cosmetic formulation development. We can now supply full service to fulfill every customer's needs in the world.
Formula Development Team
JH provide you total service~ you only need to tell us your consumer needs, we can help you until final product delivery!! Formulation team will submit the samples which meet your requirement and local regulation. Our service cover from all color cosmetic products which like foundation, lip gloss, lip stick, lip jelly, loose powder, blusher, and etc.
Microorganism Control Team
JH also has Microorganism control team. Major responsibility is to control Microorganism level of whole production area to meet CGMP requirement.
Package Development Team
From primary packaging to secondary packaging until final shipper ~ We have professional package development team to help you general specification, source suitable supplier and also purchase for production. Only need to tell us your request and we will give you what you want!!
Cosmetic R&D Dept.
Component R&D Dept.Drawing Section.
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