Jia Hsing Enterprise Co., Ltd was founded in 1967, possessing the container manufacturing ability of plastic injection, aluminum punching, hot stamping, printing, vacuum metallization and UV coating.

Besides, Jia Hsing integrates "component, filling, secondary package design, and logistics" in one with only one order, our customers can be ready to distribute the finished products to markets. This is the full service that Jia Hsing can provide.
Jia Hsing provide the customized full service.
Filling secondary
Packaging design

"Perfection" is our top goal since the company's foundation. We constantly develop innovation, improve techniques, test new materials, and invest in new equipments. Our quality and service have won universal praise. With these advantages, our sales grow up steadily and our marketing spreads all over the world.

Since sustainability is the object of Jia Hsing, we are integrating and embedding CSR into our business operation. In addition, Jia Hsing takes environmental responsibility. By means of an environmental management system we save energy and ensure appropriate treatment of waste in the factory. We also work to raise the environmental awareness of employees.

Jia Hsing makes good use of new technology and knowledge and produce unique and worthy products for every customer. We continue to value customer satisfaction, pursue for growth, and will always hold glamour and competitiveness.
Depending on our own effort with continuous follow-up and investigation

By the own effort-Mr. Lou, Kun-Lan started to join to enterprise associations for learning and absorbing new knowledge from the achievers in the light of the expectation of expanding more massive business.

Contribution of follow-up-As we value the responsibility of team work, Mr. Lou, Kun-Lan imparted the knowledge he absorbed to the teams and invite the experts and scholars periodically to make speech in our plant for share new notion and knowledge to supervisors. Besides, he also asked for feedback reports after the speech in terms of achieving further growth and progress.
Chairman  |  Kun Lan Lou

The Founder, Mr. Lou, Kun-Lan was born in Xikou Township, Chiayi County in 1947, the fourth child among six siblings. He was brought up under a family with the first level poverty with part-time job taking parents. After graduation from elementary school, he determined to look for a job in Changhua as he did not want to be the burden of his parents.
As “The Floods of 1959” occurred then, majority of bridges in the middle and south area were destroyed, the 13-year-old boy Lou, Kun-Lan walked in the streams with barefoot as he was an apprentice of plant in Changhua. He took one day to arrive his destination where only taking one hour by car. He made up his mind to achieve the success no matter how hardship he will suffer with fighting spirit.
During the period of 13-16 years old, he worked in a metal parts processing plant to learn assembling, processing and operating of punching machine. Thanks for the tempering during this time, Mr. Lou, Kun-Lan have learned the technology for mold development and processing.
In the time of 16-18 years old, in addition to metal parts, he started to contact with the technology of perfume bottle lid, whose manufacturing process combines aluminum lid and plastic lid. At that time, he realized that the future of plastic injection is more broaden and had the idea of making his own business since then.

In the age of twenty, Mr. Lou, Kun-Lan married with Li Yueh-Ching who was born in a famous family in Hsiushui. Half year later, under the financial support of his father-in-law Li-Kuei, he established Jia Hsing Enterprise with a capital of NTD 10,000.
Concerning the origin of name of Jia Hsing, as Mr. Lou, Kun-Lan was born in Chiayi, it has the same pronunciation of Jia with other Chinese character which means multiplication with the expectation for prosperousness of plant. As for “Sing”, it refers as the meaning of harmony in a family brings success to everything in Chinese. Accordingly, Jia Hsing is named with the prospects.
In the early of establishment, it ran into many difficulties. The company was just located at the down-stair of their house. Before long, Mr. Lou, Kun-Lan received a notification of military service, and the newly established factory was taken over by his wife.
Li Yueh-Ching was pregnant with the second daughter and took care of his eldest daughter and factory at the same time. She was too exhausted to taking a break due to the loading works and thinking of give up the business. However, she held on it with courage under encouragement of her father- Li, Kuei. At the time of Mr. Lou, Kun-Lan discharging from military service, it cleared up all the debts and accumulated over NTD 7,000 instead.
After discharge from military, Mr. Lou, Kun-Lan started to produce perfume bottle lid and eye lotion lid through the introduction of friends and previous boss. With his persistence in good quality all the time with down-to-earth operation, it built up good reputation and expanded the the scope of business from Changhua to all over Taiwan and reached NTD 120,000 of annual sales turnover.
1974 capital increase of NTD 1.5 million dollars, changed company name from Jia Hsing Enterprise to Jia Hsing Limited Company.
1975 as it had not been opened for free trade on export then, we tried to understand the market of Southeast Asia through the recommendation and assistance of trading company and produced a lipstick container which can be operated by single hand to push out the lip stick and apply on lip, based on the collaborative R&D with our customer. Consequently, it attained a brilliant sales results in Southeast Asia, and then it consolidated the position of Jia Hsing in the cosmetic container industry accordingly.
Impacted by the default of debt by the relatives, Jia Hsing was facing unprecedented financial crisis. Mr. Lou, Kun-Lan decided to face and undertake it and convened the creditor meeting and committed to reimburse all debts without any discount.
In order to saving expenses in life, Lou, Yu-chuan, his eight-year-old and eldest daughter had to help to do the work of factory after class and assisted her mother to do accounting at night. At the time of summer vacation of her fifth grade in elementary school, she began to delivering goods to Tainan, she had a hard time in her childhood as she had to study and work in the meantime.
During the process of repayment, there are some debtors came to home for the request of reimbursement on debt regardless of the agreement of meeting. In order to refrain from the disturbance on his family, he migrated his family to foreign land, which made him feel painful for the inability of reunion with family and urged him to work harder and struggle for repaying all debts.

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