We offer a wide range of cosmetic packaging including compact, palette, lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner…etc.

JH Possessing the container manufacturing ability of plastic injection, aluminum punching, hot stamping, printing, vacuum metallization and UV coating. Besides, Jia Hsing integrates "component, filling, secondary package design, and logistics" in one; with only one order, our customers can be ready to distribute the finished products to markets. This is the full service that Jia Hsing can provide.
Lipstick - Alum & Plastic
Available in a wide number of high-quality and customized lip gloss packaging.
There are slender, square, round and roll-on bottle to meet your needs.
Compact & Palette
We offer a variety of square and round compacts.
We also provide customized special design to meet your requirement.
Extrusion Pump / Lotion / Dropper
A variety of pump can be paired with a variety of bottles.
No need to struggle with search and long testing.
Here you can easily find the best combination.
Lipgloss, Mascara & Eyeliner
A wide range of vials. A large number of public molds and customized services.
Let every product have its own story.
Jar, Pot
Professional metalizing technology with impressive jars.
Even basic processing, makes your product distinctively.